Todd Dipner -

The ROCKET BOOM DRUMS Master Craftsman


Born and raised in the 1970's, Todd began his musical journey at the age of 4 playing drums. His earliest drumming influences ranged from John Bonham, Bill Ward and Keith Moon, to such drastically different artists as Neil Peart and Peter Criss. In the 1980's Todd spent his high school years attending over-the-top concerts during the hey-day of MTV and hair metal. His love for drums was firmly cemented, and Todd dreamed of building his own line one day.

Over the past 2 decades, Todd has studied the art and craft of woodworking. He began making stave-shell drums as a hobby for fellow musicians and family members, and recieved high praise on the quality of his shells. After a few years of selling his drums locally, Todd decided to branch out and offer his custom drums to everyone. The result is ROCKET BOOM DRUMS - handcrafted, stave-shell drums.

Todds' passion for music and his love of drumming goes into every shell he builds!



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