ROCKET BOOM DRUMS specializes in producing handcrafted, stave-shell snare drums and custom drumkits. Every drummer has a unique expectation of a custom, handbuilt drum, and you will be part of an interactive experience in the building process. We will supply you with personalized photos of your one-of-a-kind drum being crafted. You will follow the journey of the wood from raw material to a completed musical instrument!

If you are dreaming of a custom snare drum or a complete stave-shell drumkit, let us create the perfect instrument for you.

Handmade Stave Shells
Custom Snare Drums
Walnut Stave-Shell Snare
Handcrafted Stave-Shell Drumkit
Handcrafted Stave-Shell Drumkit
Rocket Boom Badge
Blue Stained Spiked-Lug Drumkit
Blue Stained Snare with Spiked Lugs
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